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‘Saturday Night Live’ best host poll: Did Seth Rogen play it too safe? — VOTE | EW.com


I haven’t seen it go around on the dash today. New SNL week, new poll. Josh BARELY made it last week, with just 10% of the vote. Come on, we can do better! :D We’re so much closer to the end of the season! Let’s vote again!

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Adventures of Superman #50 [download]

You live in a world where you can see as far as the horizon, hear halfway across the planet and fly almost as fast as light. There’s little that’s unknowable to you. So I got you something rare in your world. I got you a mystery tied up in a bow. Something that has the potential to flummox you, frustrate you, and intrigue you. Lois, it just so happens I already have one of those.

*Don’t forget to read this interview with AoS #50 writer, and big Lois Lane fan, Kelly Sue DeConnick: "[Lois is] an equal partner. She’s every bit as interesting and exciting."

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Petition for two commentary tracks on the Mockingjay DVDs: One serious one with Francis and Nina talking about the movie, and then a second one with Josh and Jen just watching the movie together and talking.


Of course I was productive today, don’t you see how full my tumblr queue is?


Like whaaaaaaaaaaat? TOTALLY CLEVVER SHIP #1: